Fees and services

IPH students pay two different types of contribution:

IPH fee:€ 3,000 (€ 2,000 for students from the Foundation Course of the University of Pisa);


University taxes;

The IPH fee is due only for the first year. 

Therefore, in the first year students pay both IPH fee + the University taxes. At the conclusion of the IPH, during the second and third year of their Bachelor’s degree programmes, students will continue to pay the University taxes only.

IPH fee

The IPH fee covers the following expenses (not included in the University taxes): 

– Courses taught in English and their didactic materials;

– Italian language classes at the CLI (Linguistic Centre):

– One-to-one tutorship in Italian language, in tandem with an Italian native speaker;

– Educational trips;

– Assistance from the Academic tutor and logistics coordinator.

The first instalment of the IPH fee (€ 1,500) is due by August 7th 2022.

The second instalment (€ 1,500) is due before the lessons start on September 3rd, 2022.

(However, you are more than welcome to pay the whole amount by August 7th, if you prefer so). Payment of the IPH fee must be made via wire transfer through this link:

You must use the “pagoPA” platform, which allows you to pay by credit/debit card, internet banking or PayPal.

  1. Go here
  2. Put your personal details
  3. Put as “Reason” the following “QUOTA IPH International Programme in Humanities – SURNAME OF STUDENT
  4. Put the amount to pay and tick the box “Privacy statement”
  5. Select “Start online payment”
  6. Log in with your email
  7. Tick the box “I agree with the privacy policy”
  8. Select the payment method you want to use
  9. Make sure you print out the slip of payment.


University taxes

The University taxes vary between € 356 (for family yearly incomes below € 23,500*) and up to € 2,556. The amount will be determined on the basis of your country of origin.

The University taxes will be paid in 4 instalments: the first one in September 2022, the second one in March 2023, the third one in April 2023 and the fourth one in May 2023. Details will be provided once students are enrolled.

Scholarships provided by the DSU (Regional Agency for the Right to Study) may be available. If you qualify for those scholarships, you could be exempted from the University taxes. However, the DSU scholarship does not waive the IPH fee.

Here you can find all the information for applying for the scholarship.


*  Family income and properties must be proven by official records validated with apostille or by the Italian diplomatic posts.