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maggio 25, 2022

IPH – Introduction to Aesthetics with PhD Marta Vero

IPH Staff gladly introduces PhD Marta Vero, who is joining our Programme in the next 2022-23 Academic Year. She will teach in the new course Introduction […]
maggio 20, 2022

IPH – Classical Archaeology with Rocco Palermo

It is with immense pleasure that IPH presents the researcher Rocco Palermo, who will teach the Classical Archeology course together with Prof. Tarantino and Prof. Rosselli […]
febbraio 18, 2022

IPH – Congratulation to Dr Maria Khabibullina

IPH Staff congratulated our IPH 2018 student Mariia. She has just discussed the thesis entitled “Salomé, perception and ambiguity. Iconographic research on the artworks made in […]

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