IPH – New Seminar 2020 “Civilizations along the Silk Roads” Dr. Chiara Barbati

As we are planning ahead the upcoming 2020-21 year, IPH is proud to announce that Dr. Chiara Barbati will join our team and enrich the teaching offer with a brand-new seminar: Civilizations along the Silk Roads.

Civilizations along the Silk Roads provides an overview of the historic network of commercial, diplomatic, linguistic, religious and cultural exchanges that interconnected Europe and Asia over the millennia, and most notably between VII-XIV centuries. The Byzantine empire, the late Sassanid empire (ended in 651 A.D.), the expansion of Islam along the Silk Roads and the various Muslim dynasties of early Islamic Iran and Central Asia, the Turkish Khanates, China from the Tang to the Song dynasties, and the Mongols, articulate the chronological backbone of the seminar. While focusing primarily on the Middle-ages, Civilizations along the Silk Roads will also open a historical perspective onto our times’ much-discussed One Belt, One Road initiative.