IPH – New Course 2020-21 “Development and Landscape Geography” Prof. Giovanni Pasta

IPH is pleased to announce that the next academic year 2020-21, Professor Giovanni Pasta will join the team with the new course Development and Landscape Geography.
The course will deal with territorial processes and how they are affected by different development policies and the more general change of the global system on both urban and rural landscapes. Over time, urbanization has been regarded as being linked directly to industrialization and overall development. The twenty-first century is characterized by rapid and negative urbanization or urban congestion (especially, but not only, in developing countries), while the new global market introduces gentrification and “greentrification” processes shaping the urban landscape. The course will discuss also how the strategies, policies and processes of development impact on rural spaces and landscapes. It also addresses the need for an alternative approach to rural development and the creation of “rururban” areas. The course, moreover, will be divided into a general part about the main global territorial processes, and into a monographic part based on research published by the teacher himself.