IPH – Internship in Linguistic and Cultural Cooperation with IPH

We are happy to present this collaboration between IPH and the Department of FiLeLi.

The internship aims to create equal cooperation between the internal trainees, whose function will therefore not be limited to that of assistants, and the IPH international students who have chosen the same Foreign Languages ​​and Literature Degree. The project involves the coaching of two trainees for each IPH student.

This project was also born thanks to the experience of Prof. Marianne Hepp (German Linguistics) and President of the Degree course FiLeLi Prof. Valeria Tocco (Portuguese Linguistics).

A first cultural meeting will be held tomorrow 11th December at 5.00 pm on Microsoft Teams in which two IPH students will present a presentation about Christmas in Georgia and an introduction to the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving Day in the USA. Following this, an Italian trainee will explain the Feast of San Ranieri di Pisa in the German language.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the students involved who commit themselves daily to this project, and wishing them good luck!

If you would like to join us, here is the link to the relevant Teams Group.

IPH internship – Primo incontro culturale 11.12.2020