Anita Paolicchi



Anita Paolicchi is a research fellow at the University of Pisa. She has received her PhD in Art History in 2020 from the University of Florence, with a thesis on reliquaries and tabernacles in the Slav-Byzantine world. Her main area of research is applied arts, with particular attention to Western and Eastern European liturgical art in the Middle Ages and the early-modern period. She is particularly interested in investigating the relationship between masters and purchasers belonging to different religious and visual cultures, as well as in the masters’ circulation in the wide area between Western Europe and Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire. She authored many academic essays and has presented her research in Italy and abroad at numerous conferences, seminars, and lectures. She was recently awarded a REIRES scholarship (University of Sofia, December 2019) and a research fellowship at the University of Bucharest (ICUB, 2021). She is co-founder of a publishing house focused on the History, Art and Literature of the Mediterranean world (Astarte Edizioni, Pisa).