L-3/L-20 Studies in Performing Art and Communication


The fundamental, shared segment of the BA course in Studies in Performing Art and Communication aims to provide students with historical and methodological knowledge in the fields of Italian literature and linguistics, history, psychology, pedagogy, aesthetics, philosophy of language, visual and audio-visual arts, and theatrical and musical languages. Students are also expected to acquire skills in information technologies, and demonstrate full written and oral mastery of Italian as well as the English language.

The course then includes specific teachings for each of its two classes.

Class L-3 (Studies in Performing arts) provides additional credits in studies on cinema, music, entertainment and theatre. Students will also acquire operational skills in audio-visual, theatrical and musical media, through laboratories and seminars, and practical experiences in internships.

Class L-20 (Communication sciences) broadens the understanding of the ethical, political, sociological, philosophical, economic aspects of communication. It also further the knowledge of information sciences and technologies applied to the humanities.

Graduates in Studies in Performing arts and Communication may either choose to complete their education with a MA degree, or seek job opportunities within the market of cultural industry. Examples are: author in the field of music, theatre, film, broadcasting and multimedia production and communication; consultant for the organization and communication of events, fairs, conferences, workshops for public and private organizations; assistant and cultural consultant in film, theatrical and musical productions; critic and journalist for newspapers and websites; creator and organizer of cultural events promoted by public and private entities; curator of musical, theatrical, cinematographic and audiovisual collections and archives; teacher in training courses in the fields of communication, cinema and audiovisual, music and theatre, in schools and in-house training; copywriter and consultant in advertisement; information and communication professionals for public and private entities (press officer, spokesperson, public relations officer).