L-11 European Languages and Literatures


The aim of the BA course in European Languages and Literatures (L-11) is to train graduates with a mastery of two European languages (currently, we offer Portuguese, Spanish, French, English, German, Polish, Russian, Rumanian), associated with the ability of metalinguistic analysis and a sound knowledge of the cultural and literary heritage of their civilizations. The course also aims to provide skills in theoretical linguistics, Italian language and literature, history, philology and – depending on the chosen curriculum – in further specific subjects. The course also furnishes basic information technologies skills. The course is divided into three curricula: European languages and literary cultures; European language and language sciences; European languages, literatures and artistic cultures.
The competence acquired by the end of the BA course will facilitate the graduate’s access to the world of professions related to the fields of international communication, such as non-specialist translation and cultural mediation; services in the area of cooperation; cultural tourism; and the socio-cultural institutional area. Alternatively, graduates may choose to continue their studies with one of the MAs in Linguistics and Translation or Euro-American Languages and Literatures.