Livia Giunti


Livia Giunti has completed her PhD in History of Visual and Performing arts at the University of Pisa in 2012 and she is Adjunct Professor of Italian Cinema for the International Programme for Humanities and a former teacher of Digital Culture at Fondazione Campus (Lucca). She is academic tutor for ICoN Consortium and has taught Documentary Film History, Practice and Production in several workshops and training courses. She is co-founder of “Quaderno del Cinemareale”, the first journal devoted to the creative processes of documentary cinema, and she is also a translator, a producer and a filmmaker. Since 2014 she has been realizing a video format on University of Pisa research activities (“Raccontare la ricerca”). In 2020 she was selected by the Italian Ministry of Education and the Italian Ministry of Culture for the CiPS project and she became a trainer for Film Education in Italian schools. Her research interests include Media Studies, Digital Humanities, Documentary Cinema and Film Analysis.