L-5 Philosophy


Philosophical studies at the University of Pisa have a long and well established tradition. Philosophy teaches to think about complex realities and to independently develop critical and argumentative discourses. Studying philosophy furnishes transversal skills, applicable in different fields: teaching and education, but also administration, management of human resources, publishing, communication… Students learn to orient their thought with versatility, because – unlike an old commonplace puts it – it is not the philosopher who thinks abstractly (Hegel).

The BA course in Philosophy (L-5) aims to provide students with an adequate knowledge of the history of philosophical and scientific thought from antiquity to the present day, and comprehensive information on the current debate in the different areas of philosophical research (theoretical, logical, epistemological, linguistic, aesthetic, ethical, religious, political). Graduates from this BA are expected to master the basic theoretical notions related to the whole range of philosophical disciplines; they shall possess methodologies that ensure the analysis of philosophical texts, the use of bibliography and an adequate capability for scholarly research. Graduates shall also have capabilities to address the controversies of applied ethics (bioethics, environmental ethics, ethics of communication, ethics and economics), politics, communication.