Silvia Bruti


Silvia Bruti, PhD in English from the University of Pisa, is Full Professor of English Language and Linguistics at the University of Pisa and Director of the University Language Centre. She also directs the Master in Specialised Translation from English into Italian organised jointly by the Universities of Pisa and Genova and run by ICoN (Italian Culture on the Net). She has conducted research in the fields of text linguistics, (historical) pragmatics and applied linguistics, with a special focus on corpus linguistics, translation (especially audiovisual) and the teaching of English. She has published widely in these areas and has participated in numerous national and international conferences. She has edited (also in collaboration) several collections, on reformulation and paraphrase (2004), lexicography and translation (2009), the recent developments of audiovisual translation in Europe (2012), subtitling (2015), the use of corpus linguistics in translation (2013), identity and translation (2014) and stylistics and idiolect (2016). Her research has recently focused on cross-cultural pragmatics (English vs. Italian) and on the translation of audiovisual texts, with particular attention to the translation of compliments, conversational routines and vocatives in interlingual subtitles and dubbing. Her works in these areas include a monograph on the translation of politeness (2013) and a co-authored volume on interlingual subtitling (2017).