Federico Dalla Battista

maggio 21, 2021

IPH – Anastasia Grishchenko (IPH alumna 2018), selected for the UNIMED Award 2021

IPH is thrilled to inform that Anastasia Grishchenko, Russia (IPH alumna 2018), student of Performing Arts and Communication, has been selected to attend the UNIMED Award […]
aprile 7, 2021

IPH – Foundation Course Students & IPH Fees

IPH is glad to announce that for the next academic year 2021-22, the Council of the Department of Civilization and Forms of Knowledge of the University […]
marzo 1, 2021

IPH – Tutorship Project

Given the success of the previous Internship Project, IPH has decided to extend the Internship Project to all interested students of Foreign Languages ​​and Literatures at […]
dicembre 10, 2020

IPH – Internship in Linguistic and Cultural Cooperation with IPH

We are happy to present this collaboration between IPH and the Department of FiLeLi. The internship aims to create equal cooperation between the internal trainees, whose function […]
ottobre 5, 2020

IPH – 2020-21 Students Arrival

We are very pleased that some students made it to Italy! We met and together we visit the city of Pisa. We then had the opportunity […]
settembre 21, 2020

IPH – Italian Language Course

Good luck to all 2020-21 IPH students who have started the intensive Italian language courses at CLI. Here a shot of the A1 level class!
giugno 2, 2020

IPH – Class of 2020-21

Under the Coronavirus pandemic, the health of students and staff remains our priority. Given that social distancing will continue to be required, the University of Pisa […]
maggio 25, 2020

IPH – “Classical Archaeology” 2020-21 Dr Lisa Rosselli

IPH is pleased to announce that Dr Lisa Rosselli will join our 2020-21 team. She will teach Classical Archaeology, a survey course in Greco-Roman and Etruscan […]
maggio 21, 2020

IPH – New Course 2020-21 “Development and Landscape Geography” Prof. Giovanni Pasta

IPH is pleased to announce that the next academic year 2020-21, Professor Giovanni Pasta will join the team with the new course Development and Landscape Geography. […]