Federico Dalla Battista

ottobre 5, 2020

IPH – 2020-21 Students Arrival

We are very pleased that some students made it to Italy! We met and together we visit the city of Pisa. We then had the opportunity […]
settembre 21, 2020

IPH – Italian Language Course

Good luck to all 2020-21 IPH students who have started the intensive Italian language courses at CLI. Here a shot of the A1 level class!
giugno 2, 2020

IPH – Class of 2020-21

Under the Coronavirus pandemic, the health of students and staff remains our priority. Given that social distancing will continue to be required, the University of Pisa […]
maggio 25, 2020

IPH – “Classical Archaeology” 2020-21 Dr Lisa Rosselli

IPH is pleased to announce that Dr Lisa Rosselli will join our 2020-21 team. She will teach Classical Archaeology, a survey course in Greco-Roman and Etruscan […]
maggio 21, 2020

IPH – New Course 2020-21 “Development and Landscape Geography” Prof. Giovanni Pasta

IPH is pleased to announce that the next academic year 2020-21, Professor Giovanni Pasta will join the team with the new course Development and Landscape Geography. […]
maggio 20, 2020

IPH – New Seminar 2020 “Civilizations along the Silk Roads” Dr. Chiara Barbati

As we are planning ahead the upcoming 2020-21 year, IPH is proud to announce that Dr. Chiara Barbati will join our team and enrich the teaching […]